From the Chinese New Year Trust Trustees…

It is amazing how fast time passes…Another year, another committee, and lots more success for CNYTrust. But we are still eager to push on, raise more funds and help our students in China even more! This year is in fact very special, because our very first batch of Capital Normal University Scholars (2008 intake) will be graduating and pursuing the careers in education. It really seems like only yesterday that we first interviewed them – Donna and Alex will hopefully attend their graduations, so we should have some photos to post here later in the year! The Cambridge Team had a great year, and on the ground in China we are working hard to match their efforts! This year, we have decided to expand our Capital Normal University Scholarship program – we are looking to add up to 10 Scholars, which will be our largest intake since beginning the program! We are also hoping to deepen our relationship with Dandelion Migrant School.

A VERY special thanks goes out to Grace, a new donor who we met this year, as we worked together with her to directly subsidise education costs for 12 children at the school. We hope that more donors will come forward and participate in a similar manner – the students are hugely appreciative.

As always, we are thinking of new and innovative ways to make the lasting and positive impact we aspire to. Moreover, we love to listen to your ideas, so please get in touch if you would like to talk!

The Trustees