Welcoming CNYTrust’s Capital Normal University Scholars (首都师范大学) – Class of 2013

A big warm welcome to our lastest and greatest Scholars at Beijing’s Capital Normal University. This year, the CNYTrust sponsored a record 13 new Scholars under our Capital Normal University Scholarship Program. Our Scholarship helps these students to manage their University fees and, more importantly, our Scholars commit to teaching in migrant schools for the duration of their Scholarship. The majority of our students are themselves aspiring teachers, however, what all of our Scholars and the CNYTrust share in common is a universal desire to help improve access and quality of education for migrant children in rural China.

We were delighted to have received a record number of applications this year – our students, Scholars and donors are crucial for our mission if we are to meaningfully impact migrant children in China and we are eternally grateful.

A special thanks also to Edmund, who graciously agreed to personally sponsor two additional Scholars this year. With a donor base like this, the Trustees see CNYTrusts’ future as extremely bright! For information on personal Scholarships, please contact alex@cnytrust.org.

Congratulations again to our latest Scholars: 薛鸿悦,丛爽,宋静雯,陶健,季琳琳,刘倩,吴迪,郝月,任静雅,姜莉,洪扬,李欣,葛俏丽, and we hope that you we will be able to read their profiles in due course.

In the meantime, best wishes from the Committee for a wonderful Christmas, and if you haven’t already – buy your ticket for this years Chinese New Year Ball in Cambridge!

The Trustees