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A Single Spark – By 洪扬 (CNYTrust Beijing President, 2013-2014)

CNY Trust helps the volunteers with their financial problems and allows us in turn to help migrant children who lack access to better education. All the volunteers devoted themselves into helping the migrant children. In the past year, there were about 40 volunteers in our association.15 of them received the CNYTrust scholarship. During last year, every week, we spent almost 2 hours with the migrant children, helping them with their homework or giving them interesting lessons – it takes us around 2 hours to get to the migrant community since the transportation links are not very good.

This year, after the interviews, there are an additional 12 students who will receive the CNYTrust scholarship and another over 10 students have volunteered to help, even though they were not awarded a scholarship. So, this year, we have more than 20 volunteers already and all of them are committed to making a difference.More and more students want to join us to help the little kids for free.They think this activity is the most helpful activity they have ever done before and they keep telling their friends it is something useful not only for their university life, but also for the whole society.They regard it as the best way to realize their own value.

All of the volunteers believe that each of them is a single spark, but a single spark can start a prairie fire. Their efforts have the power to make more and more people notice these migrant children and to help the children to obtain better education and make more friends. That is the volunteers’ dream and also is CNYTrust’s dream.

Thank you CNYTrust for giving me this opportunity – this activity has changed our lives!

洪扬, on behalf of CNYTrust Scholars 2013-2014