Capital Normal University


Project: Sponsor aspiring University level students pursuing careers in education

The Issue: China’s educational system has too many students and too few good-quality teachers. In many cases, classes include up to 50 students resulting in a very challenging learning experience. As a result, most children find it difficult to stay engaged and are not given the attention they need to develop. Well-trained and high-quality teachers are essential to improve this problem.

Execution: We have had a relationship with Capital Normal University since 2008. Capital Normal University in Beijing is one of two institutions that train aspiring students to be qualified teachers. Following productive discussions with the University’s Head Teacher, we decided to partner with them. Every year students from extenuating financial backgrounds, who are pursuing the teaching profession, are invited to apply for the CNYTrust Scholarship. Our Scholarship program helps to lower the cost (in fact, our Scholarship covers more than half of their University fees) of their University degree and also provides equipment they cannot afford; for example, laptops. In addition, our Trustees agree to mentor the students, providing career and development advice to help the Scholars make the best of their opportunities. Since we started our Supporting Migrant Children program, Scholars have also been required to spend at least one day a week teaching at our partner Migrant Schools.

Results so far...: Since 2008, we have had 43 applications for our Scholarship, 18 of which have been subsequently supported by our Scholarship scheme. We are extremely proud of all our Scholars – they are thoughtful, motivated and driven by a personal desire to make a positive impact on the Chinese education system. Read about our scholars here.

Where your money goes

For every £1 raised, we aim for 60p to benefit our students. The remaining 40p helps to raise the next £1.

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