Da Miao Primary School


Project: Construct a Primary School for a rural area in need of educational support

The Issue: Many rural areas in China are extremely poor. Most children stay at home to help their parents earn a living from a young age; others are too far away from a school and, for those who theoretically have access, poor families are often unwilling or unable to pay required school fees.

The problem is even more acute when comparing rural to urban areas: According to the China Health and Nutrition Survey, conducted in eight provinces, mean years of schooling were 11.0 years for urban workers and 6.6 years for rural workers (Shi, Sicular, and Zhao 2002). Enrolment rates for secondary-school-age children are 72–80 percent in urban areas and just 50–64 percent in rural areas (Hannum, Wang, and Adams 2006).

Execution: In June of 2004, the Trustees visited one of the poorest villages in Hebei region – Da Miao village has an annual average income per person of only RMB 600 (£60). There was an existing school in Da Miao, however, 80% of the building was evaluated as being too dangerous for use – this was an undoubted danger to students and teachers alike. CNYTrust teamed up with local authorities, striking an agreement jointly committing to re-build the primary school in Da Miao village.

Result: In 2005, the Da Miao Primary School was completed. The school provides education to around 150 primary school students, spread across 6 years of primary school grades. CNYTrust continues to support the Da Miao through the donation of school equipment, books, and sports equipment.

Where your money goes

For every £1 raised, we aim for 60p to benefit our students. The remaining 40p helps to raise the next £1.

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