Supporting Migrant Children


Our current project focuses on the forgotten needs of migrant children in China’s large cities. Rural to urban migration is a common phenomenon throughout all global societies. However, in China this problem is exacerbated by the sheer volume of migration and the inability of large cities to cope – over 50% of China’s 1.35 billion population live in cities. Parents typically obtain low-paying jobs and are therefore unable to afford education for their children (assuming the schools actually have space). For those lucky few who do have access to adequate education, there is the added issue of discrimination against migrant families – issues of class are just as rife in China as any other country in the world.

Therefore, whilst families have every right to chase their dreams in the big cities, too often it is the children who suffer in the short-term.

Lack of access to education in urban areas is an identified problem and both families and charitable organisations are working to improve the situation. This has led to the development of informal ‘migrant’ schools, often funded by the parents themselves, with the aid of organisations. However, a frequent problem has been attracting quality teachers to these organisations. We identified this issue as one where CNYTrust could make a real and tangible contribution.

As part of our successful and on-going Capital Normal University Scholarship Scheme (set up in 2008, which sponsors University students pursuing teaching professions), we now ask all of our Scholars to commit one day a week to teaching in migrant schools we have pre-screened and selected. Right now, our Scholars are teachers at Dandelion Middle School (#22 Tuanhe Road, Shou-Bao-Zhuang Village Xi-Hong-Men Township, Da-Xing District) and one of our Partners' selected schools, the latter school was set up by our partner, CMC (Compassion for Migrant Children – see their work here).

So far, we are very pleased with the impact and progress that we have made. Our Scholars love it (read about them here); our partner CMC continues to grow and we hope to collaborate more in the future; and most importantly, the children are getting the better quality education that they need.

Where your money goes

For every £1 raised, we aim for 60p to benefit our students. The remaining 40p helps to raise the next £1.

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